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Data Processing Agreement

By continuing to use this website, I hereby express my consent to automatic collection and processing by PhotoShoppee (hereafter — «Pixlpark) of my personal data (cookie files, user activity logs, data on user hardware, date, and time of session). Processing of personal data is carried out for the purpose of improving the website performance, enhancing the Pixlpark products and services, determining the preferences of the user, and providing target information on products and services of the Pixlpark and its Partners:

The consent acts from the moment of its provision during the whole period of using the website.

If I don’t agree with personal data collection by metric software, I have been informed that I shall stop using the website or turn off cookie files in browser settings.

Terms and conditions of personal data processing in accordance with GDPR

Pixlpark is very seriously concerned about confidentiality and security of information. Protection of your personal data is among our major priorities.

We process your lawfully obtained personal data in accordance with clearly formulated aims of Pixlpark interaction:

- with customers, potential customers, their relatives/representatives - with counterparties and partners (both existing and potential ones)

We can collect your personal data via the website and Pixlpark mobile applications (preferences, information on actions and transactions, etc.) for predefined and legitimate purposes.

We can transfer you personal data, including transfer across the border, in strict compliance with legal requirements.

We respect your rights and freedoms, including those related to your personal data processing.If you have any questions regarding your personal data processing, please contact us: [email protected]

You can find the detailed information about the terms and conditions of your personal data processing at Agreement.